The Sacred Cyborg
a critique of mystical positivism and artifical life

Never Mind the Cyberbollocks...
critique of the memes concept

The Memesis Critique
critique of the Memesis statement of Ars Electronica '96

Collective Intelligence
book review of Collective Intelligence: Mankind's Emerging World in Cyberspace by Pierre Levy

Memes: Self-Replicants or Mysticism?
Are memes, as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins coined them in 1976, self-replicating ideas that evolve like living organisms by natural selection, or, as some of their critics have suggested, hack social science that implies humans are "simply passive objects of impersonal forces outside of our control?"

"Cyberspace" is not a Space
What every new media worker must know: why "cyberspace" is not a space, or, why I am against 3D navigation.

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