Hello everybody! My name is Eirini, I come from Greece.

Since I was very young, I became really interesed in graphic design. I was always fascinated by arts and I always wanted to do something creative. I think that my love for music was something that really affected me, since I was really paying a lot of attention to the record covers.

In 2001 I completed my BA studies in graphic design in "Akto School of Art and Design" which is based in Athens. My desertation was about "Peter Saville and the british album covers of the '80s". Peter Saville is my favourite designer because I thing that was really clever and innovative for its time and I wish would do something as innovative as he did.

In my opinion, the only way to achieve something totally new nowadays, is through web design and design for the new technologies. That is why I decided that I really want to know this field as good as possible. And I think that I am in the right place...




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