Phd in communcations

Members of the HRC are involved in the PhD in Communications both as supervisors and as doctoral students. The Graduate Centre of the School of Communications and Creative Industries attracts talented students from across the world to carry out research into many different aspects of media at the University of Westminster.

If you would like an application form and more information about PhD in Communications, please contact Alison Sorrell.

If you would like to carry out your research for the PhD in Communications in association with the HRC, please contact our office.

The doctoral students of the HRC are:

Lizzie Jackson
Hosting On-Line Communities

Maren Hartmann

Robin Hamman
Virtual Communities

Epaminondas Cambanis Keith Whittle Andry Ratovondrahona Umaporn Richardson-Saema Mark Gatehouse
Javier Onate Zamiha Manji Irene Florou Umaporn Richardson-Saema Umaporn Richardson-Saema
Mark Smith Yami Trequesser Ricardo Amaral Svetislav Bankerovic Larisa Blazic
Arthi Amaran Chris Kakatsakis Samantha McKellar Christopher Aylott
Edward Cookson Joanna Griffin Matt Knight Julie Roebuck
Haro Lee Mayudia Mothar Sacha Davidson Tony Momoh Tony Momoh
Lizzie O'Grady Andrew Purdy Joan Smith Graham Fudger Tony Momoh