The HRC works with Lateral - an independent web design consultancy. Members of the company teach on practical modules of the MA in Hypermedia Studies. Lateral was established in 1997 and has subsequently won many industry awards. Lateral provides its clients with creative strategies which are implemented in conjunction with a support network of symbiotic business partnerships. This pioneering approach has attracted recognition both within the new media industry as well as among the wider consumer market. Lateral's client list includes: Levi's USA; Levi's vintage; RSPCA; Bloomsbury Books; Stella Artois; and Boddingtons.
For more information, check out the Lateral website.

The HRC also collaborates with New Media Knowledge (NMK) - a not-for-profit body owned by the University of Westminster which provides learning and business support for digital media companies. NMK organises a programme of conferences, seminars, courses, research projects and publications. One of the organisation's core strengths is its expertise in developing knowledge clusters and networks of innovative small companies.
For more information, check out the NMK website.

Other partners are listed below:

Estonian Academy for Art and Design

Epaminondas Cambanis Keith Whittle Andry Ratovondrahona Umaporn Richardson-Saema Mark Gatehouse
Javier Onate Zamiha Manji Irene Florou Umaporn Richardson-Saema Umaporn Richardson-Saema
Mark Smith Yami Trequesser Ricardo Amaral Svetislav Bankerovic Larisa Blazic
Arthi Amaran Chris Kakatsakis Samantha McKellar Christopher Aylott
Edward Cookson Joanna Griffin Matt Knight Julie Roebuck
Haro Lee Mayudia Mothar Sacha Davidson Tony Momoh Tony Momoh
Lizzie O'Grady Andrew Purdy Joan Smith Graham Fudger Tony Momoh