MA Hypermedia Studies

1 year full-time or 2 year part-time day


The MA in Hypermedia Studies is a postgraduate course for artist-engineers of the digital future. The course combines theoretical analysis with practical research and exploration. By doing so this Masters provides students with the skills and understanding needed to ride the wave of technological and cultural innovation created by the convergence of media, telecommunications and computing.

Students conclude their studies with undertake a practical project-centred on the production of a piece of cutting-edge research work for an end-user, such as a commercial company, community group or public institution - and a dissertation to be published on the Net.

Key themes

The social, political, technological and cultural impact of the new digital media.

Conceptualising, authoring and publishing hypermedia applications.


The modules include:
History of Convergence
Contemporary Debates in Hypermedia
Software Design
Interactive Media Design
Virtual Communities

Entry requirements

Applicants should already have a knowledge of the commonly-used computer software programmes including code such as HTML, and a good first degree (normally a first or upper second in a subject which prepared them adequately in both theory and practice). Applicants may also be assessed on the presentation of a portfolio of practical work and evidence of theoretical research, such as an undergraduate dissertation. Applicants who do not meet these requirements but who can prove their ability to conduct both theoretical and practical research may also be considered on the strength of experience and other qualifications. They may be required to complete a practical assignment.


Harrow Campus

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate degree or equivalent (see above).

Epaminondas Cambanis Keith Whittle Andry Ratovondrahona Umaporn Richardson-Saema Mark Gatehouse
Javier Onate Zamiha Manji Irene Florou Umaporn Richardson-Saema Umaporn Richardson-Saema
Mark Smith Yami Trequesser Ricardo Amaral Svetislav Bankerovic Larisa Blazic
Arthi Amaran Chris Kakatsakis Samantha McKellar Christopher Aylott
Edward Cookson Joanna Griffin Matt Knight Julie Roebuck
Haro Lee Mayudia Mothar Sacha Davidson Tony Momoh Tony Momoh
Lizzie O'Grady Andrew Purdy Joan Smith Graham Fudger Tony Momoh