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The Participants

Class of 2000/1: Sasha Paravina

Project: Colbot
Matt Black and Jonathan Moore work with Sasha Paravina to bring you the coldbot. Sasha’s piece invite’s you for a conversation with who? Talk (type) to the coldbot and who knows what you’ll find about your self. If you thought the days of ELIZA were over think again. Coldcut are in the mix.

Bio note:
I have a strong interest in the convergence between sound and visual, which I have developed through my involvement with the 'Pirate TV' project, started by Matt Black from the record label Ninja Tune, with its broadest aim being on -line steaming and 'remixing of television'. Working with Ninja Tune gave me the motivation to develop a non- linear approach to the relationship between sound and vision. I have a strong interest in their convergence and I would like to explore these ideas through my own work. Having gained experience in assisting with new media projects, I am now pursuing my goal, which is to work in Film and video post production as well as create my own short documentaries. I am an artist who arrived in Great Britain during the early nineties from Serbia and I believe that my artistic expression has matured in England. I graduated in 1996 with BA (Hons) Art and Design. In 2001 I completed MA Hypermedia at the University of Westminster.