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The Participants

Staff: Rachel Collinson

Bio note:
During her time on the MA Hypermedia Rachel studied development communications and digital artisanship in practise, and evolved a free jazz programming technique which led to the production of cubop, featured here. Shortly after she formed rechord with Stefan Cartwright, still alive and kicking 4 years later having weathered the great numeeja recession. She has produced work for Greenpeace, New Media Knowledge, Talentcircus, the Hypermedia Research Centre and Como Holdings, been interviewed by Design Week, presented at Cybersonica and taught BA and MA students around the country. rechord was selected by Creative Review in 2001 to be featured in their annual showcase of the best of design talent, Creative Futures. She would describe herself as a software artist with a sideways take on life and a love of creative community. She is now part of the teaching staff at the HRC.

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