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The Participants

Legacy '03 is the annual exhibition of the staff, students and alumni from the MA in Hypermedia Studies, University of Westminster.

Participants in this year's exhibition include:

Current Students
Nicolyn Marino;Mark Smith; Lara Blazic; Yami Trequesser;

Class of 2001/2: Alex Veness
Class of 2000/1: Sasha Paravina; Ben Lunt; Neal Coady; Lewis Sykes
Class of 1999/0: Jane Austin; Christine Zmoelnig
Class of 1998/9: Barbara Rechbach
Class of 1997/8:Fiona Bailey;Sally Thompson
Class of 1996/7: Mare Tralla; John Lundberg

Present members: Laura Jordan;RachelCollinson
Past members: Andy Cameron/antirom; Jeremy Quinn.