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The Participants

Class of 2000/1: Neal Coady

Project: Aquacoustica
The minimalist sound toy? Ben Lunt and Neal Coady take you underground to discover hidden treasures. A dark and rumbling piece.

Bio note:
I am a graduate from the MA in design for interaction - a sister course to the Hypermedia MA My final project - an interactive music creation environment paper is at Code-E [aka Neal Coady] is an interactive designer and video artist, and a member of the Cybersalon digital arts collective. His short film 'Age of Corporations', about London Mayday 2001 was screened at the Screenworks Festival, Australia and he has provided VJ support for the Bays and Shur-i-kan. The ‘Electric circus’ music toy was part of iCircus at the Big Chill festival 2002. His online sound toy 'Aquacoustica’ was selected by in 2001.His day job is the lead web designer for Surrey County Council , specialising in usabilty and accessiblity issues.