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The Participants

Class of 2000/1: Lewis Sykes

Project: Groovatron
Feedback, loops, someone has being playing with their laptop a lot? Engaging work and concept. Touch the keyboard, select some images and drift off into a sonic environment of visual turbulence.

Bio note:
Lewis Sykes currently heads Cybersalon, organising its events and arts projects, including Cybersonica - the three day international festival of music and sound - at the ICA. Lewis works for the BBC, mainly for TOTP online, developing for the TOTP site and supporting their regular Live Chat web streaming events. He also works as a freelance designer and developer - designing, building and administrating web sites and producing print and exhibition solutions for music industry and LEA clients and meaningful projects and initiatives - such as JCORE - the Jewish Council for Racial Equality. A long-standing designer, experimental film enthusiast and music technologist as well as ex-partner in the mid-nineties underground dance label Zip Dog Records, Lewis fused his interests together through an MA in Hypermedia Studies at Westminster University in 1999-2001. He subsequently founded a collaborative audiovisual development group, the iRiealism Project, which now produces their own music, visuals and software. Work has been exhibited at the ICA and on and the collective are now performing live, real-time MIDI triggered visual shows for acts such as The Bays using their own iRiealistix visual software.