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The Participants

Class of 1996/7: John Lundberg

Project: Circlemakers
Did you think that only aliens can make crop circles? Now you can join the circlemaker community and learn how to create your own. Visit and who knows where the next crop circle will appear.

Bio note:
John Lundberg is a freelance digital designer, artist and documentarian based in London. He's currently studying documentary direction at the National Film and Television School. His subjects are usually drawn from the edges of contemporary culture and he's written articles on crop circles, the Roswell alien autopsy footage and snuff movies for, amongst others, Fortean Times, Daily Mail and UFO magazine. John spends most of his summers running around wheat fields in Wiltshire creating crop circles. Commercial crop circle clients have included: Weetabix, Pepsi, Mitsubishi, Orange, Jordans Cereals, HTV,, History Channel, Geffen, The Levellers, NBC, Channel 4 (Banzai, Richard and Judy), BBC and the Daily Mail. Along with journalist Mark Pilkington he organises Strange Attractor, which started off in 2001 as a series of talks, films and events and is now being developed into a quarterly journal of unpopular culture. Topics cover a broad spectrum, ranging from conspiracy theories, cargo cults, psychic deception and hacktivism, to the 60s occult explosion, the Jonestown mass-suicides, voodoo and surveillance. Until recently John ran his own successful digital design company producing award winning interactive content for clients such as MTV, BBC, Cartoon Network, Sony Music, Psygnosis, Cap Gemini and Discovery Channel.