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The Participants

Class of 1999/0: Jane Austin

Project: Goosebumps
In the grazy style of shoot’em up games, Jane Austin and Christine Zmoelnig roast dinner for you! If you move up a level you’ll find your surprises. Jane and Christine experiment with gaming references and remind you of old-time classics, taking you back to the arcade of your youth. Be careful don’t neglect your offspring!

Bio note:
Jane Austin taught refugees English for several years before the terrible design of much of the educational software she had to use led to an interest in design and usability. She taught herself simple HTML and was accepted onto the HRC course in 1999. On the course she kept her interest in usability, but learned about the wider context in which she was working. She also did some fun stuff, like the game Goosebumps. This game was designed to be the opposite of most shoot’em ups – the aim of the game was to help a mother goose prevent her flock being shot and killed. After completing her MA Jane starting working as a usability and interaction designer, at the legendary, and now defunct company, Deepend. After Deepend Jane set up her own company, Recollective, alongside another three ex-Deependers. The aim of Recollective is to combine usability and good design. The company has attracted clients such as The Design Museum and NESTA in their two year life span.