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The Participants

Class of 1999/0: Christine Zmoelnig

Project: Goosebumps
In the grazy style of shoot’em up games, Jane Austin and Christine Zmoelnig roast dinner for you! If you move up a level you’ll find your surprises. Jane and Christine experiment with gaming references and remind you of old-time classics, taking you back to the arcade of your youth. Be careful don’t neglect your offspring!

Bio note:
Christine Zmölnig has been working as a designer in the fields of graphic design and new media for the last ten years. She has a classical education in graphic design and typography as well as an MA degree in Hypermedia studies. She taught design students in Vienna (University of Applied Arts Vienna) and London (Westminster University) and has worked as a designer for companies like Nofrontiere (Vienna), AMX, Romandson (London). Together with her partner Florian Koch, Christine has recently started her design company 'Sensomatic' in Vienna.