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Media Freedom
the book

Media Freedom: the contradictions of communications in the age of modernity

Media Freedom takes the emergence of the information superhighways as its starting point in a new approach to the current debates about freedom of communications. Barbrook considers the contradictions between the rhetoric, left and right, of active participation and the reality of passive spectatorship within the media. He sheds fresh light on conventional arguments underpinning the debates over press freedom by examining the very different outlines of the French model of media access and responsibility.

'...I was extremely impressed with Barbrook's scholarship... This could easily become the standard reference work on its subject' - Professor Doug Kellner, University of Texas, Austin

Richard Barbrook is a member of the Hypermedia Research Centre of the University of Westminster.

May 1995 240 pages, metric demy Paperback, £12.95, 0-7453-0943-7 Hardback, £40.00, 0-7453-0944-5 Communication Studies/Media Studies/Public & Social Policy/French Studies

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