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Richard Barbrook
Andy Cameron
Virtual Futures '95

Basic Banalities
common sense for the digital age

Information technology has no destiny - it simply mediates social relations between people.

Cyberspace is not a consensual hallucination, it is a construction site created by human labour.

People create their own technology, but not in circumstances of their own choosing.

Cyberspace is where the imaginary can become real.

Artist-engineers must create virtual spaces fit for human habitation.

The desire for union with the machine is fear of the flesh.

Po-mo is retro.

The electronic marketplace - spend in private.

The electronic agora has yet to be built.

Your taxes built the Net - thank the agencies of the state for their visionary planning.

The information superhighway is a Keynesian jobs creation scheme.

State, corporate and DIY - mix 'n' match the path to the digital future.

Information doesn't want to be free - but people do.

Technology is not the issue.

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