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part 6

1. Stevanin's field. Stevanin is a Venetian farmer who used to strangle prostitutes and bury them in his courtyard. After his arrest, the police dug holes all around his house, and, over the course of several days, several corpses were found. That was in 1994-5.

2. Sulphur candies. The surname of the most contemptible Carlino journalist is Canditi ("candies" in Italian).

3. Calimero. A small black chicken in a 1960's Italian cartoon.

4. White Uno. The Savi brothers were a trio of Bologna policemen with a secret hobby: right-wing terrorism. In the early Nineties, they spread terror in Emilia-Romagna by robbing banks, killing passers-by at random, assaulting gypsy camps with machine guns and massacring African immigrants. They used to drive a white Fiat Uno; they were therefore called 'the gang of the White Uno.' They were arrested in 1994.

5. Quinta Mafia [fifth mob] In Bologna, before the arrest of the Savi brothers, a careerist prosecuting magistrate called Spinosa started following an alleged 'mafia trail' and charged three people, the Santagata brothers, with being the ones responsible for the White Uno crimes. They were suspected of belonging to an alleged 'fifth mob' [the four mobs are: the Mafia (Sicily), the Camorra (Naples), the 'Ndrangheta (Calabria) and the United Sacred Crown (Puglia)]. The Santagatas suffered a long detention before being released and replaced by the Savis. Guess who was Spinosa's right arm during the inquiry? Her first name is Lucia.

6. Repentant. A former criminal or terrorist who decides to collaborate with the police.

7. Domiciliary arrests. When a person is provisionally detained in his/her own house.

8. Aldo Moro. The president of the Christian Democrat party, supposedly abducted and killed by the Red Brigades in 1978.

9. Maurizio Costanzo Show. The most popular TV chat show on Italian television.

10. Francesca Mambro. A famous prisoner. Former member of the Armed Revolutionary Nuclei, a 1970's fascist terrorist group. She was sentenced for having bombed the Bologna train station in 1980 (83 victims), but she's always claimed to be innocent. As a matter of fact, there's no evidence. Even many leftists think she's got nothing to do with the massacre.

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