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July 1997: The Dimitri Case Is Over
part 5

It's getting better, man! Fully acquitted. It was all false, there was no sexual violence, no child abuse, no ritual abuse, no human sacrifice, nothing at all whatsoever. The Children of Satan are innocent. One year of detention. Their reputation slandered in the media. Compared to Dutroux. Allegedly linked to a worldwide network of mad child rapists. At last acquitted.

Let's take a look at the cast one more time: Simonetta a.k.a. Elisabetta Dozza (she's eighteen, she's not unnameable anymore) was a liar. Piss off, into the trashcan of history!

Musti, hideous and croaking deputy district attorney, presented the worldwith one of the most serious cases of cultural and judiciary persecution in the history of youth subcultures. She wanted to become the Di Pietro of religious intolerance, but didn't realize that crowds applauding at careerist magistrates belong to the past. She too is going to end up in the aforementioned trashcan.

And what about the Carlino hacks and their shameful hate campaign made of absurd lies, crooked syllogisms, intentional misunderstandings, and cliches machine-gunned a la Joseph Goebbels? Shall those contemptible actions stay unpunished?

'"How can you shoot the Devil? What if you fail?" is Verbal Kint's rhetorical question in The Usual Suspects. Inquisitors and hacks should think it over. Don't doubt my word: when your theory collapses, I'll make your mistakes lie heavy on you, and by any means necessary.' Luther Blissett, 'Never Bet the Devil Your Head,' Zero in Condotta, November 8th, 1997.

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