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Who Traumatizes Who?
part 2

Exactly one year later, during the trial, we'll find out that this priest, one Father Clemente, was the first to tell stories of SRAs to Federico's mother, and to link the child's problem to Simonetta's vicissitudes, which he himself and the GRIS have been handling for months. Moreover, Simonetta was exorcized as well, and more than once, by Fathers Clemente and Francois Dermine (a Canadian priest at Diocese of Ancona). Simonetta's parents asked help to the GRIS, which introduced the girl to a psychologist.

Federico's parents start to bear down on the child, showing him the photographs of Dimitri and Bonora published on The Carlino, asking him if those men are the "bad ones" he talks about. Moreover, they make him re-construct the alleged ritual abuse by using Lego toy soldiers, an erroneous procedure. It is possible that the mother, a psychologist herself, is aware of the American literature on ritual abuse 'survivors.' Certainly she ignores the fact that, after the disintegration of the McMartin trial and the acquittal of all the defendants, the validity of that literature and the testimonies on which it was based has been questioned, deconstructed and exposed (see D. Nathan & M. Snedeker, Satan's Silence: Ritual Abuse and the Making of a Modern American Witch Hunt, Basic Books, New York 1995).

On February 25th Canditi informs his readers that . . .

The inquiries made by the carabinieri of Medicina [...] proved that the three-year-old child is telling the truth when he says he had been slipped into a coffin or a tomb.

According to Canditi, the same Carabinieri who found chloroform in a non-existent pot (which reminds us of the Mad Hatter's non-birthday party) have replaced judges and experts, and have 'proved' the truth of an 'account' that will never be precisely ascribed to anybody, not even during the trial! During the early sessions of the trial, we'll find out that these Carabinieri of Medicina, whom Canditi praises so much, turned out to be quite bizarre "consultants," i.e. exorcists and demonologists belonging or at least linked to the GRIS: one Father Francesco above all, an alleged 'expert of black masses' of the parish of S. Lucia, Florence (from the testimony of Marshal Cabras, February 19th, 20th and 21st, 1997). Thus Canditi's sentence should be rewritten as: "the Carabinieri have verified that the words put into the child's mouth match the paranoid fantasies of a clique of new Inquisitors."

Anyway, the case of Federico is not yet considered the "second segment" of the inquiry into the Children of Satan. Canditi himself, in the above-quoted article, writes:

This step of the inquiry about black masses does not involve Marco Dimitri [...] He has nothing to do with this dirty trick.

Little by little, we find out that "the person to whom the child was entrusted" was his baby sitter, who is also his 14-year-old female cousin. On March 1st, Candite writes:

According to the carabinieri and the psychologist [the rite] is not a fruit of fantasy. The reason: a child of that age is not capable of inventing detailed settings, recognizing people at first sight and accurately describing occult rites, unless he'd taken part in them.

If one thinks of what happened in the US, this is a foolish assertion.

From bad to worse: in the following days, The Carlino keeps behaving like that, first using the term 'analysis' inopportunely (actually Federico has never been properly analysed), then insisting on the fact that 'the little boy describes [...] scenes that he couldn't have dreamed nor made up, because such scenes perfectly match the reality of facts.' Of course Canditi cannot know this, unless he attended the alleged ritual himself! In the meanwhile, Simonetta repeatedly changes the date of the alleged rape. On March 4th Canditi lavishes some precious bits of objective journalism on his readers:

Dimitri looks like Calimero [4], so puny and so black. He cuts his wrists in jail and swallows bottles of tranquillizer to draw attention upon himself. The only thing he doesn't do (at least it isn't reported) is appeal to his Satan for protection from "persecuting" magistrates and cynical and heartless pressmen[...] A demoniac world made of dirty pigs rather than of Darkness worshippers.

Three months later, the net is tightened. On June 9th, Dimitri, Bonora and Luongo are arrested for the second time. The charges: 'participation in the havoc of a corpse,' 'abduction of an underage person aimed at rape' and 'profanation of graves.' Federico, writes The Carlino, it is alleged, is not the only child "sacrificed"on the altar of the Children of Satan. [The rite is reported to have taken place] in the presence of some twenty or thirty people [...] Once inside one wing of Villa Ghigi... and in a wrecked weapon factory in Budrio [the children used] the skeleton of a woman that, during the black mass, was given the name of "Margerita." [At the time of the arrest] Bonora was close to an iguana that in the satanists' hearts took the place of the tarantula confiscated last January, piercing his skin to put another ring on.

This time the detention of the three defendants will prove endless and exhausting.

June 10th, The Carlino, under the headline 'My Battle Against Satan,' Biagio Marsiglia interviews Lucia Musti. Check this out:

The devil's eyes. She goes to sleep chasing them away, she awakes defying them. She can feel them on her the whole day, but doesn't fear them. Because she fights them [...] She opposes to the devil's eyes her eyes, those of a woman who wears the robe [...] Today she'll go in jail along with the investigating magistrate, Grazia Nart, for the ritual interrogation. Two women against the devil's eyes.

No need of a comment. In the interview, Musti compares her inquiry to that of the White Uno [2]:

This inquiry is in some ways more difficult than that on the Savi brothers, more delicate of that against the "Fifth Mafia."[5] There there were delinquents, assassins...but here we are discovering things much more horrible.[...] The satanists' criminality isn't that much different from that of the mafia.

Once he's finished with the interview, Marsiglia drops a bomb with a certain understatement:

Testifying against Dimitri will also be the sixteen-year-old girl who in last January caused the inquiry to start. She's the one [...] being under the effect of alcohol and drugs, who allegedly held the feet of the child brought by the little baby-sitter cousin to the rendez-vous with the Evil One.

The 'poor victim,' the chloroformed girl, has changed her status and position. Now she's a 'repentant.'[6] On the following day, Nicoletta Rossi provides further details: Simonetta was not 'simply a curious outsider and the victim of a group rape'; she 'wanted to become a priestess of Satan and was training for that.' Rossi also confirms that Federico's parents have taken their son to an exorcist two times, 'even before any link to the Dimitri case,' because 'he looked possessed'[!]

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