rachel collinson

Rachel is a software artist with a sideways take on life and a love for building and sustaining creative community.

Her internet odyssey began at the tender age of 12 when she read the Hacker's Handbook and was inspired to rip apart the family PC to install her first internal modem, sending and receiving emails through a local University dial-up connection and various bulletin board systems.

Many years later she formed rechord with Stefan Cartwright after graduating from the MA Hypermedia in 1999. She has produced work for Greenpeace, New Media Knowledge, Talentcircus, Surdhwani, romandson, the Hypermedia Research Centre, the National Consumer Council, various education authorities, the London Sustainability Exchange and Como Holdings.

Her work has been featured in Design Week, she has presented at many national conferences including Cybersonica and taught BA and MA students around the country. rechord was selected by Creative Review in 2001 to be featured in their annual showcase of the best of design talent, Creative Futures.

She is also a member of groundbreaking art and design collective Sparks.

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