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Laura Jordan

Laura Jordan
About Laura

As creative producer at Deepend http://www.deepend.com and recently at Lateral http://www.lateral.net Laura Jordan brings together an experimental and innovative use of technological advances and a deep understanding of the functionality and direction of the world wide web.

A web author and designer who has worked internationally (Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States) producing content which pushes the boundaries of the medium, she cut her teeth as a key figure in the infamous 'geekgirl' hyperzine in the early nineties, and has been involved in the design and implementation of many of the world's leading websites of today. She has consistently won awards for her work, including being voted one of the ҳ0 under 30 leaders in ITӠby industry leaders as part of the Fairfax Group awards in 1999.

Founding Joystick Digital Media in 1994, she quickly grew it into one of Sydney's leading bespoke new media agencies, known for it's creativity and practical solutions. For the next four years working as Creative Director and MD.

In 1998, she took a less hands-on directorship role at Joystick to concentrate on her new position as Head of New Media at Terraplanet, Australia's largest independent publishing house. Developing the division from a department of four to over thirty staff, she guided the development, design and operation of high-traffic sites for the company until moving on to fill a role as Creative Director of the Australian office at the internationally renowned agency, deepend, in 2000.

Arriving in London for the deepend head office in 2001, she joined Lateral in August of last year, after being impressed by their wealth of outstanding talent and commitment to good design.

She lectures and travels extensively, speaking on net art and the cultural implications of the internet, as well as teaching dynamic lab-based and technical digital media classes at major Universities and centres of excellence, including at the Hypermedia Research Centre at Westminster Uni.versity

Laura has exhibited her multimedia based artwork in Australia in exhibitions such as the Satellite Show for the Biennale in 1996, and in galleries throughout Tokyo. Her work, and an interview of her views on the WWW are on permanent display at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum as part of their showcase of the history of computing, 'The Universal Machine'. She is currently a research partner with artist Paula Dawson, developing creative and educational work in the VR medium.

Her work is a hybrid of digital media and more traditional forms, often installation or sculpturally based. Thematically, it deals with such issues as on-line censorship and information glut.

Laura divides her spare time between creating content for her personal web projects and artworks, being the 'Robin Hood' of internet design, and working towards her PhD, in Fine Arts (Digital Media) at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.

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