The publishing DTD

The document is designed so the user can navigate into the nested content, showing only the content they require.

The top level <doc/> tag contains a single section <sec/> tag which is an xlink:type="resource" XLink with an xlink:label="about" attribute to identify it.

The <sec/>s can also contain:

<sec/> child sections ad infinitum
<ref/> external references within the structure
<about/> text about the section
<title/> the section's title
<auth/> the section's authors
<cont/> the section's content in my own brand of simple content markup
<keys/> search keys for the page
<hist/> history of modifications

The DTD that is loaded into LinkBase adds default attributes to the tags so the author does not have to.

These are the Tags that take part in the XLink behaviour of the application


<a/> xlink:href="URI", arbritary links from a document with URL supplied
<link/> xlink:href="URI", links output by navigation.xsl
<image/> xlink:href="URI", image embedded in a document


<loc/> xlink:label="NMTOKEN", xlink:href="URI", destinations of external documents, in the linkbase


<arc/> xlink:to="NMTOKEN" and/or xlink:from="NMTOKEN", "found" links in the linkbase, may have roles: parent, child, about etc.
<ref/> xlink:to="NMTOKEN", structural links between documents, recovered from the linkbase
<link/> xlink:to="NMTOKEN", arbritary links, using locators in the linkbase
<foot/> xlink:to="INT", link to a footnote in same document
<image/> xlink:to="NMTOKEN", image embedded in a document, fetched from the LinkBase


<note/> xlink:label="INT", individual footnotes in sec[@xlink:label="footnotes"]/cont/foot
<sec/> xlink:label="NMTOKEN", structures the stories heirarcally


<print/> application-based auto-generated link to print version


<doc/> container for document and xincluded linkbase

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