Sharing links between files

In this project, the whole heirarchy is too big to place all in one file, so what is needed is a map that can link together all the seperate files, that's the LinkBase, a central repository for a defined set of files to share a common set of links, both between themselves and to external sites.

I use two LinkBases in this site, one for the Theory Pages project and this one for the rest of the site.

You can see that there are some arcs like :

<arc xlink:to="about" 
that do not have a xlink:from, this means this link gets added to every page that shares the LinkBase, hence the application-specific xlink:arcrole value.

The rest of the links in here are either locators pointing to external sites like :

<loc xlink:label="ext.crudlet" 
	xlink:title="The Crudlet.org Open Source Project" 
locators pointing to members of the fileset
<loc xlink:label="about" 
	xlink:title="How the site works, who made it and why, etc." 
	xlink:href="hrc/about.xml">About the site</loc>
or arcs pointing back to the parent file
<arc xlink:to="home" 

The DTD that is loaded into the LinkBase (by the XML Parser) adds default attributes to the tags so the author does not have to.

About the site